You may download the image above (created by the talented Leah Boudreau @leahboudreau_art), or pick it up from any of the following businesses during their hours of operation:
  • Subway
  • Tim Horton's
  • Granny's Country Cottage
  • Black Spoon
  • Bartown Bakery
  • Bonnar's Meats
  • Harbourside Dental
  • Breton Print
  • Bare Envy
  • Viable/Untide Massage
  • Escape Outdoors
  • La Quaintrelle
  • Serein Salon
  • Wildfred Oram Library
  • MacRae Home Hardware
  • Canadian Tire North Sydney
  • Buffett's Office Pro
Return the colouring page entry to any of the same businesses for display in their business. Please make sure your child's name and age are on the front of the page and their phone number on the back.
All entries are due by April 15th and the draw will be the next day. Three grand prize baskets will be awarded.
Happy colouring!